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We sell our products as a suite in order to provide maximum monitoring effectiveness. The Premium Plan includes the app, two Sure-Cams and three Instant Alert Pagers. The Platinum Plan includes the app, two Sure-Cams, three Instant alert pages, and a bed monitor.
Yes! You can easily add additional cameras, monitors and alerts to your shopping cart if you already own a product suite.
No problem! The HMD monitoring system is self-monitored by the caregiver. If your loved one accidentally pushes the blue button, you can simply check in to make sure everything is okay. If the red button is pushed, you or your loved one can simply tell the emergency call center that everything is okay when they call.
No, but you can test the system as much as you like. The alerts, camera and sleep monitor are all tracked by the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet device.
More than just an alert system or camera, the suite of HeyMomDad products provides round-the-clock monitoring for your loved one, easily accessible through your smart phone. The Sure-Cam delivers a 270 degree range of visual monitoring plus two-way voice communications, and the Instant Alert pagers ensure help is always just a button push away.
The Premium Package includes two 360-degree wellness monitoring Sure-Cams, which provides two-way audio-visual communication; three Instant Alert Pagers (two blue and one red) (1 lanyard included), used for non-emergency or emergency connection; and a Wireless Hub to connect the devices to the internet. The Platinum Package also includes two Sure-Cams, two Blue Alert Pagers, One Red Alert Pager and a Bed Monitor, which monitors heart rate, breaths per minute and activity levels while your loved one is in bed.
Return Policy: You may return your entire HeyMomDad suite of products for up to 30 days after purchase, and the monitoring service will be cancelled according to our agreement cancellation policy.
No. HeyMomDad is not currently covered by Medicare or medical insurance.
Getting started with HeyMomDad is easy. On your Android or iPhone, download the app via iTunes or Google Play. Then, follow the installation instructions that can be found in the products manuals, or on our website. For the Quick Start Guide Click Here
First, check out the How-To Videos! If you still need help afterward, please call the support line on our website.
If your agreement is expiring and not set up to auto renew, extending your monitoring term is easy! Simply call the Sales Support Line at 1-866-672-8540 and they will work with you to extend you monitoring term.
The Wireless Hub requires a high-speed internet connection (Recommended Basic Broadband; 25 MB/s down, 3 MB/s up) and power. The Sure-Cam, Bed Monitor, and Instant Alert Pagers to be within wireless range (typically 300ft or less) of the Wireless Hub.
You can absolutely purchase HeyMomDad for your loved one. However, installation may require the cooperation of the assisted living facility.
No long-term contract is required with our month to month plan. You are purchasing the equipment; monitoring service can also be purchased for one, two or three years with a monitoring agreement.
Pressing the blue button will send an alert notification to up to 5 specified smart devices. Pressing the red button will alert the emergency monitoring center, in addition to alerting the 5 specified smart devices.
Install the HeyMomDad app on your smart device and use it to scan the QR code on the back of the Instant Alert Pager you want to receive alerts for. It’s that simple.
Yes! Instant Alert Pagers are waterproof. You can keep them in the bathroom, shower, or anywhere else where slips or falls may occur. We recommend you use a lanyard to wear your red Instant Alert Pager around your neck for easy and constant access.
HeyMomDad is not connected to a landline phone at all so there is no need to be concerned. You will still be able to utilize your monitoring equipment and mobile app as long as you have an internet connection.
If your internet service goes down, your HeyMomDad devices will not be able to connect to the app. Please call your internet provider for technical support.
HeyMomDad batteries are long-lasting and rechargeable. Consult the mobile app on your smart phone to see the battery level indicator for each device.
Instant Alert batteries last for at least one year with regular use. When the battery dies on your individual Instant Alert, you may mail back the device and we will replace the battery and return it to you. This battery replacement service is complimentary for the duration of your monitoring period!
We are honoring a 30 day no questions asked guarantee minus any applicable shipping and handling.
For optimal performance, HeyMomDad requires a reliable high-speed internet connection.